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Handmade Nevada Ornaments.

Beautifully Handcarved Ornaments

Carved Ornaments are $19.00 each

Dove of Peace Ornament  Pit Fired   A touch of glitter added.  $9.00

Unique hand carved and glazed ornament. Insert a holiday light for an eye catching treat to add some fun to any Christmas Tree. $19.00

3 Snow Angel Magnets. These ceramic Angels are kiln fired twice and very durable. Handcrafted with the strongest ceramic magnets used.

Each little Angel is   1½"x1½"

Snow Angels are $2.50 each



We are starting to sell some of our pottery on eBay. Please check out items listed for sale under http://myworld.ebay.com/lbjpottery. The pottery on eBay will be changing on a regular basis. We are set up with Pay Pal for easy payment.      Look for some great deals.                                                                           No items are listed for sale at this time please check back.

 Thank you for your interest!

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